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Jungle Lodges and Resorts

Jungle Lodges and Resorts

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Dandeli is one of the most sought-after tourist places in Karnataka. When you select Dandeli as a place to enjoy, your vacation or holidays then stay in any of the Jungle lodges and resorts. These stay will be completely different from the normal one. Why don’t you select a different or a unique place for stay when it is easily available?

The jungle lodges and resorts are situated in the dense area of the forests. Here, you have the chance of spotting some wild animals and hear the chirping sounds of different species of birds all round. This type of jungle lodges and resorts will be completely different from the normal one and you will never forget such stay in your lifetime.

 Dandelitrip – Perfect Travel Agency for your Vacation

Dandelitrip.com is the perfect travel agency that arranges for all your accommodation and other arrangements in Dandeli. Whether you have to stay in Jungle lodges and resorts or in any other place of stay, we arrange it for you. We offer diverse range of holiday and tour packages which is very minimal when compared with that of the similar packages offered by the other travel agencies.

Apart from making accommodation arrangements we still make your trip pleasurable by arranging for other adventure activities. The activities include

It is now very easy to book your Jungle lodges and resorts or any other activities in prior. Just visit dandelitrip.com and choose your favored activities or the type of stay that you wish to stay in. Everything can be done online and one need not spend separate time to make these arrangements. We offer different tour and vacation packages, for more details call us at +91 8284 231299, +91 8284 231920 or mail us @ dandelitrip@yahoo.com.

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