Activities in Dandeli

The small town Dandeli never fails to surprise any adventure enthusiast in serving the flavour of every adventure sport. The list of ventures includes river rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, wildlife safari and jungle camping.

Come and visit this surreal river and take a plunge into various water sports adventure:


Adventure Activities

White Water Rafting

Get swayed away in white water rafting organised by Feel the adrenaline rush with the swoosh of the river. Dandeli is the first place in South India to facilitate this thrilling sport.

River Crossing

It’s also known as a zip line. Any adventure seeker embarks on a ride propelled by gravity along a pulley rolling down a rope. Enjoy the scenic beauty sliding down the incline and get bewitched by the breathtaking journey.


Come for a paddle with your family in a kayak boat along the Kali River. Our trained personnel will instruct you about the prerequisites before you embark on your blissful ride.

Jacuzzi Bath

Get bewitched drifting in the Kali River and feel the natural and soothing massage due to the waves in the stream heals up every pain in the serenity.


Plunge into this recreational sport to feel relaxed and refreshed from your mundane world. In this sport, the enthusiast rolls down the gentle slope of the river inside a transparent plastic ball.



Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari is a thrilling activity that lets you travel through the dense and lush Dandeli forest in an open jeep for about 14kms. You can observe the wildlife habitats and watch animals like Bison, Giant Squirrels, foxes, etc. There is separate place for bird watching where you can see lots of Indian birds and other diverse bird species.


In a Busy traffic life, we hardly get time to enjoy the cycling. Well, Dandeli Offers you to Pedal around with Well Equipped Bicycles to enjoy the beauty and nature of DandeliĀ along with your buddies and loved ones.

Coracle Ride

Coracles are used local fishing professionals which are circular and ideal for waters. The Kali River Coracle Ride helps you get that dwelling vibe and also gives a fish-eye view of the surrounding forest and the habitation on the river banks.


All the resorts in Dandeli offer campfire in the evening to enjoy the warmth of the fire at dinner. The campfire session makes you in meeting people from different places and sharing your whole Dandeli experience.

Jungle Trekking

Jungle Trekking is done early in the morning through the forest to experience nature and the new blooming greenery, together with the watching of birds and the sighting of animals.