Places to Visit in Dandeli

Planning a long weekend trip to Dandeli? There are lots of places to visit in Dandeli, so you should plan well in advance. Plan the itinerary based on the time available and the preferences of all the members of your group so that you will make the most of your holiday trip to Dandeli.

The best time to visit Dandeli is between July and February, when you can enjoy the adventure sports and water sports, especially the white water river rafting. Dandeli is well-known for the plethora of water and adventure sports it offers. Some of the popular activities here are white water rafting, river crossing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, biking, and trekking. The resorts in Dandeli also make arrangements for boat rides, so that you can enjoy the beauty and calmness of the River Kali. Apart from these activities, the resorts also organize sightseeing trips to popular tourist spots in and around Dandeli.

The numerous  places to visit in dandeli can be classified into historical spots, natural spots, and activity spots. Anshi National Park and Dandeli National Park are very popular tourist spots. Animal lovers, wildlife photographers, nature enthusiasts, and tourists definitely make it a point to go on a safari into the reserve forest area. If you are lucky, you could get a glimpse of the tiger or an elephant. Dandeli is also home to many rare birds like the hornbill.

The Kali River is one of the best places to visit in Dandeli if you want to enjoy all the water activities. When you arrive in Dandeli, check the best time to visit the river as the water level in the river depends on the outflow from the dam. The numerous water adventure activities also depend on the level of water in the river. So, if the water level is less, it would be better if you can go on a sightseeing trip that day and plan for the adventure trip the next day. This way, you can enjoy your holiday without missing out any activity or tourist spot here.

Places to visit in Dandeli are

  • Syntheri Rocks
  • Magod Falls
  • Supa Dam
  • Sykes Point
  • Nagoda Backwaters
  • Kavala Caves
  • Brapede Caves


Places  to visit in Dandeli

Syntheri Rocks

Moulangi Eco Park

Supa Dam

Disney Park Dandeli

Nagoda Dam Backwaters

Crocodile Park


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