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Office life can be tiring and monotonous if you don’t take any vacations in between. So if you are in a hunt for the ideal location to chill with your near and dear ones then look no further, Dandeli has everything to make you feel complete. This is a trendy tourist spot that is situated in Karnataka, South India. Wondering what is it that draws the people to this place? Well, you’ll soon get to know.

Dandeli has beautiful forests and rivers all around where there are numerous fun things to do. The best part about Dandeli is that there are many five start resorts available here. Dandeli dewdrops is one such resort that is going to leave you spellbound with the hospitality and the beauty they have in store for you. Every year, tourists travel to Dandeli from all around the world, and the majority of travelers prefer to stay at dewdrops Dandeli because they have various services in store for you. They can even plan an adventure activity trip in and around Dandeli for your stay there.

Another major attraction for the tourists heading over there is the dewdrops jungle resort that is situated in one if the jungles in the region. The room and the ambience will be an experience of its own as you will get to see nature up close. Spend a night at this resort with the wild and see how amazing it feels like to be this close to mother earth. Book with www.dandelitrip.com, you can expect 5 start treatment and services available in all the dewdrops resorts in the region. So make your stay at Dandeli worthwhile, make sure you stay at dewdrops jungle resort in Dandeli to have one of the most memorable vacations in your life.


Room Type Non A/C A/C
Deluxe Double Room Rs. 800 Rs.1500
Deluxe Four Bedded Suite Room Rs. 1600 Rs.2500


  • Tented Stay
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast
  • Trekking
  • Camping with Bonfire
  • Indoor Games


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