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Kali Adventure Camp

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Kali Adventure Camp is an ultimate paradise for nature lovers. It is located amidst breathtaking valleys, lush greenery and along the riverside. Dandeli is well connected by means of road to the important cities of the country. This adventure camp is situated on the banks of the majestic river Kali and the nature filled environment will bring you the unforgettable memories that to be cherished forever.

Kali Adventure Camp is the one, which combines the vast potency of the forest with the assuring comforts of home. The places in Dandeli will offer lots and lots of opportunities to enjoy and leaves the tourists to enthrall in the beauty of the nature. The places to visit and the number of activities to take up are limitless and it is sure that the people visiting the place will never get a thought of returning home.

When you visit Dandeli, white water rafting is the one that you should not miss for any chance. The experts would accompany and guide you during the rafting. The safety standards are followed strictly and all the guests will be provided with safety gear like life jackets, oars and helmets.

Make Arrangements with the help of Dandelitrip

Dandelitrip is one of the popular travel agency in Karnataka that arranges for accommodation or for any other activities in Dandeli. Kali Adventure camp is the one which most of the people would like to stay in. The camp is situated near the Kali river and it paves ways for all kinds of enjoyment.

When you reach with group of friends or families then you can enjoy the night campfire, other activities like Kayaking, mountain biking, canyoning and many more. All the arrangements will be taken care by Dandelitrip. The bookings can be made online without spending much of your time. So, what are you waiting for? Visit dandelitrip.com, make all arrangements in advance and enjoy your vacation in the nature-filled place, Dandeli.

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Kali Adventure Camp

Kali Adventure Camp
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