River rafting in dandeli

River Rafting in Dandeli

Dandeli is an ideal tourist vacation situated in the northern Karnataka. It offers the tourists an impeccable mix of scenic beauty. This small beautiful town situated on the banks of River Kali is surrounded by thick tropical forests where one can find different wildlife habitat with rare species of animals and birds.

Dandeli is famous for many adventurous games and river water rafting ranks top among the other activities. People visiting this place should travel around the smooth flowing river at least once. During this flow, you can spot different types of animals, birds and reptiles in the forests with mesmerizing birds and insects’ sounds.

River Water Rafting

The river water rafting is carried in a smooth flowing river, which makes the tourists to enjoy the abundant nature around. One need not worry about the safety and the other precautions as it is followed strictly and the experts accompany the tourists during such activities. The tourists are provided with helmet, life jackets and oars.Wouldn’t be exciting and thrilled to paddle a boat or a raft in a river? Visit Dandeli and experience the thrill-filled river water rafting.

Long Rafting

Length: 9 Kms (7-9 Rapids)
Duration: 3 Hour
Location: Ganeshgudi, Dandeli
Cost: ₹1350/Head

Short Rafting

Length: 1 Kms (1 Rapid)
Duration: 1 Hour
Location: Ganeshgudi, Dandeli
Cost: ₹600/Head



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